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Our savoir-faire… The expression of an ideal

Wisdomforce and elegance are the three driving principles behind Athenea Omnilang, where the objective is to apply them to all fields and work demanding the highest quality.  Wisdomforce and eleganceare applied in a methodicalprofessional and practical manner everywhere you need to express yourself in language.

Athenea Omnilang carefully selects the right tools and the best professionals for each project. It takes the specificities and requirements of your work into account and organizes each project artfully and skillfully.

Athenea Omnilang sees well beyond the commercial structure of its clients and collaborators and perceives them as genuine partners to be listened to and understood in order to create the synergy so conducive to successful project management. Athenea Omnilang delivers solutions which meet the Client’s needs and are in sync with the Client’s environment. Discretion and confidentiality are key words inherent in our savoir-faire and at the base of the partner relationship we seek to establish with all our clients and collaborators.

From the design and preparation phase through to finalization, we intelligently implement force and elegance in order to deliver services adapted to the Client’s needs and in compliance with the rules, obligations and practices which define our profession.


Athenea Omnilang applies tested methods in collaboration with qualified professionals and selects its tools based on the project assigned and the result sought by the Client.


Each client is unique for Athenea Omnilang, as is each project.  Work is customized, a key asset and driving force behind the performance of top quality services and products for our clients.

Open, seamless communication handled with discretion and total confidentiality, based on personalized specifications defined for each project enables Athenea Omnilang to determine the tools and the professionals best qualified for the specificities of each project.

Athenea Omnilang sees well beyond the commercial structure of its clients and collaborators and perceives them as genuine partners to be listened to and understood in order to create the synergy so conducive to successful project management. We seek to establish a partner relationship with all our clients and collaborators.


Athenea Omnilang sees realistic scheduling as an important facet of the success of every project.

Scheduling entails organization of the objectives with respect to time and the assessment of the resources required to meet those objectives. This is clearly a crucial step, one that leads to establishing specifications adapted to each project’s characteristics. Scheduling also entails both feedback from the Client and in-house assessment of the quality of the service delivered.


For Athenea Omnilang, personalized, consistent follow-up to a project is also the means to control that the different phases of the project have integrated the recommendations and decisions made throughout. This enables making the right decisions at the right time, if modifications are needed. This type of follow-up implies close communication with all the stakeholders on the project, conducive to good synergy between the Client and Athenea Omnilang and its collaborators.


For Athenea Omnilang, quality, meaning the expression of what is essential, and schedule adherence comprise a true commitment expressed in the implementation of rigorous, specific services and by the clear goal of Client satisfaction. We are very careful to provide effective, efficient organization, and to work intelligently, combining strength and elegance so as to deliver the services at the right time and place in compliance with the conditions agreed to when scheduling the project.


For Athenea Omnilang, a field of work is a vocation which quite naturally gives rise to the professionalism associated with a good worker.

In our opinion, work should not be felt to be a chore or task (as conveyed in one of the Latin roots of the word, from Low Latin tripalium). Work should be a free choice to exercise our ability to act, with the conscious and determined intention to reach perfection. Work entails being open to dialogue with the Client, with our colleagues, with our working environment and the principles which drive us. Seen from this perspective, work is inevitably positively influenced by the quality of the mind set, of the way of being; work is an obligation that gives rise to fulfillment and is experienced as a pleasure.

This quality attitude quite naturally meets the rules, obligations and practices which frame our services and our profession: integrity, honesty, responsibility, professional secrecy, loyalty, simplicity, adaptability, common sense, cordiality and respect for all – individuals and corporations – and the legislation which bears on every project.


Athenea Omnilang and its collaborators are bound to respect of professional secrecy, and have signed an agreement of confidentiality and non‑disclosure applicable to all information and all documents with which they come into contact when working on a project.


For Athenea Omnilang, technology is a working tool and is no substitute for human savoir-faire. Technology helps organize, communicate and do work, with the advantages and drawbacks inherent in any outside tool. The choice of the use of the type of technology is based on the type of service ordered and the project at hand.


Athenea Omnilang submits quotes and prices at no charge, for each requested project.

In line with our customization approach to every project, with our conviction that each Client is unique, and that each project is unique, we establish tailor-made quotes and prices. Though standardized across-the-board quotes and prices are widespread, they do not always take into account the specificity of each project. In our opinion, such “one size fits all” approach jeopardizes the balance we constantly seek to achieve between the needs of all parties.

*To submit a project, with full confidentiality, or for further information, please go to our contact and quotes and pricing space.

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