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Athenea Omnilang prepares quotes and pricing free of charge based on the type and requirements of each project. To submit a project, please contact us directly or use the form opposite/below.

In line with our customization approach to every project, with our conviction that each Client is unique, and that each project is unique, we establish tailor-made quotes and prices. Though standardized across-the-board quotes and prices are widespread, they do not take always into account the specificity of each project. In our opinion, such “one size fits all” approach jeopardizes the balance we constantly seek to achieve between the needs of all parties.

After acceptance of the personalized quote, project implementation starts with the defining of a set of specifications which takes into account your requirements and the specificity of the project.

Athenea Omnilang and its collaborators are bound to respect of professional secrecy, and have signed an agreement of confidentiality and non‑disclosure applicable to all information and all documents with which they come into contact.


Calculation of the price is generally based on the source word. The cost of a translation is thus the result of the total number of words times the price for the requested language combination (English into French, for example). Other costs for additional services can be added to this minimum base price. Such services can include word processing, review, proofreading, special layout, certification of certified translations, and other. In all cases, the cost of the translation project is always established on a case by case basis.

Invoicing for interpreting is generally based on time. The hourly base is used and the price is established based on the number of hours and the linguistic combination (English <> French, for example). Other costs for additional services can be added to this base price, for the creation of specialized glossary for example, and travel and accommodation costs. In all cases, the cost of the interpreting project is always established on a case by case basis.


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